Our Experience, Your Advantage...

Radikal is one of the leading reputed Business Consultancy in South India. Radikal comes with decades of experience across industries, offering you a wealth of experience and new perspectives. Work with the best when you buy and sell business.

If you would like to sell or buy your business, we will advise you extensively and relieve you reliably so that all parties involved can conclude the contract with a good feeling in the end.

Are you considering selling or buying your business? We will find the right buyer or seller. We are experienced, prepared and outstanding professionals as a result of experience and the constant evolution of our human capital.

We're the masters in deals of businesses.
Radikal provides you with various unique business buyers and sellers, including many that you wouldn’t even be able to find on your own.
We specialize in multiple industries such as:
• Manufacturing businesses,
• Technology businesses,
• Logistics businesses,
• Industrial real estate, and
• Commercial real estate.